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EZ-Rhizo software enables the analysis of images of roots grown on two-dimensional media such as agar plates. The software provides a semi-automated system for root detection, measurement of multiple parameters relevant to the root architecture, data storage and data analysis. It is ideally suited for developmental and phenotypic descriptions of individual plants and plant species, accessions, and mutants, and of growth under varying nutritional and environmental conditions. The program facilitates new research perspectives in the areas of functional genomics, breeding and QTL analysis, and in predictive analysis of plant performance.


EZ-Rhizo is available free of charge and does not require a licence; however, when publishing data collected or analyses made using the software, please cite:

Armengaud. P, Zambaux. K, Hills. A, Sulpice. R, Pattison. R. J, Blatt. M. R, Amtmann. A, (2009) EZ-Rhizo: integrated software for the fast and accurate measurement of root system architecture. Plant J 57: 945-956.

Note: We are aware of major issues with the Version 1 software on Windows systems later than XP. But a new, faster, better, nicer version will be released very soon that works on all Windows, from XP onwards. Drop us a line at if you’d like to be a “Beta Tester” for this new version (it’s actually fully functional).

For enquiries and further information about EZ-RHIZO, please e-mail


EZ-Rhizogenerates a large amount of morphological parameters for main root and all orders lateral roots. Thus, EZ-Rhizo works best with MySQL and the database buttons allow the user to add data (txt files), and to query measured and derived RSA parameters (saved as csv files). However, for R users, a direct communication between the R interface and the database is possible; for this purpose, the DBI and RMySQL packages need to loaded. Then use the following script:


We are aware of some problems with our software on this Windows Vista and we are currently working towards a solution; however, in the meantime, many (if not most) of the issues can be resolved by installing an updated version of the EasyPHP software; when running the EZ-Rhizo Setup program, deselect the option to automatically install EasyPHP, which you can manually install here:


Pentium V or better CPU, running Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7; Administrator rights to install the package. We recommend a core quad processor system for best results.