We are one of a small number of sites worldwide pushing the frontiers of scientific knowledge in plant membrane biophysics, cellular signalling and development, and genome profiling. We research how plants regulate cell volume and turgor during cell expansion and development, how they sense and respond to environmental signals, and how they encode the epigenetic memory of stress. These are fundamental questions in cell and organismal biology. We use a variety of tools, including systems and synthetic approaches. Many of our findings also have very practical applications. The Plant Science Research Group enjoys a long-standing international reputation. It forms part of the Institute for Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology at University of Glasgow.


OnGuard2 launches with its publication in Plant Cell and commentary in Plant Physiology. Models built on this platform bridge the gap between guard cell mechanics and whole-plant water relations. Their experimental validations set out a radically new way of approaching the traditional concepts of hydropassive and active stomatal responses to humidity. Congradulations especially to Maria Papanatsiou, Yizhou Wang, and Adrian Hills as well as other members of Prof. Blatt’s group.

Laboratory staff and students joined the celebrations of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens Bicentennial to coincide with the Fascination of Plants Day 2017. To find more information about our activities and see us in action, visit www.ugplantsci.org


We always welcome prospective applications. Currently there are openings in the Laboratory for PhD students. Contact Prof. Blatt directly or see More information

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