To the best of times …

… and more to come.

Christin Alderhold ne Sturm (research technician 2013-2014) returned to Germany in 2016 with her partner and beautiful newborn son.

Dr Fiona Armstrong (Gatsby Foundation Student, 1991-5) works as a senior coordinator for the UK Research Councils.

Mr. Robert Bayne (ASPB Undergraduate Research Fellow, 2012) is pursuing a career in medical research.

Dr Matthias Bernstein (DFG Postdoctoral Fellow, 1991-2) is a computing and systems development specialist outside Martinsried, Germany.

Dr Jane Brearley (SERC-CASE Student, 1994-7) is a public relations and communications consultant in London servicing science and medicine.

Dr Adrian Butt (AFRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1992-5) moved to a UK government advisory post and now works as the ACRE Secretariat for DEFRA in London.

Dr Prisca Campanoni (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2005-2007) now runs a research division for Philip Morris International in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Dr. Zhonghua Chen (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2008-2011) left in 2011 to take up a  lectureship and now holds posts at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, and at Zheizhang University, Hangzhou.

Dr Gian-Pietro DiSanSebastiano (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1999-2001) left to take up a lectureship in cell biology, which he currently holds at the University of Lecce, Italy.

Ms. Karen Deachon (BBSRC-funded Ph.D. student, 2004-2007) left science and moved to Australia with partner.

Dr. Cornelia Eisenach (University and Plant Bioscience Postgraduate Student, 2008-2011; BBSRC-funded Postdoctoral Associate, 2011-12) now holds a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and works part-time as a freelance writer for a major newspaper consortium.

Dr Charlie Garcia-Mata (Antochas Postgraduate Student, 2002-2003 and BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2006-2008) now holds a permanent research post at the University of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Dr Robert Gay (BBSRC Student, 1999-2004) left science to study philosophy and theology at the University of Oxford. He took up orders with the Dominicans in 2008.

Dr Danny Geelen (HFSP and EU Research Associate, 1997-9) moved to the University of Ghent, Belgium and now holds a permanent post at the VIB.

Dr. Vijay Gutla (BBSRC-funded Research Associate, 2011-2012) returned to India where he is a senior executive in a start-up biotech company.

Dr. Bernadette Gehl (Leverhulme-funded Ph.D. student, 2005-2008) took up a postdoctoral research post at Rice University (USA) and moved to a senior postdoctoral position at Oxford University in the Plant Sciences Department in 2011.

Dr Alexander Grabov (BBSRC Senior Research Associate, 1994-8) was a Senior Lecturer in Plant Physiology at Imperial College until 2011. He retired and now runs a business in Chamonix, France.

Dr. Christopher Grefen (BBSRC Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2013) moved in 2013 to Tuebingen, Germany, to take up a prestigious Emmy Noether Fellowship and start his own research group.

Dr David Hamilton (Gatsby Foundation Student, 1996-9) left science for a career in computing. He currently works in Edinburgh.

Dr. Teresa Hernandez (Glasgow University Fellow, 2003-4) returned to Mexico where she now heads a lab and CONECYT research institute.

Dr Ulrike Homann (AFRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1994) moved to a senior research fellowship at the University of Darmstadt and now holds a senior management post at the University.

Dr. Annegret Honsbein (University Postgraduate Student, part-time, 2005-2010) completed work at Glasgow and moved in 2014 to a postdoctoral research fellowship in synthetic biology at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Marcel A.K. Jansen (SERC Postdoctoral Associate, 1993-5) left on a Dutch Royal Society Fellowship and now holds a Lectureship in Plant Ecophysiology at the University of Cork.

Dr Ingela Johansson (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2001-5) returned to Sweden and is working in the health services.

Dr Joanna Kargul (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1998-2000) is now a professor at the University of Warsaw.

Dr. Rucha Karnik (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2011-16) was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and now runs her own research laboratory here in Glasgow.

Dr Barbara Köhler (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1999-2000) continued in research at the University of Potsdam and moved to Munich with her partner in 2009.

Dr. Emily Larson (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate 2013-2019) moved to the University of Bristol to work with Prof. Claire Grierson.

Dr Barbara Leyman (Gatsby Foundation Student, 1994-7 and BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1997-2000) moved to a research post at the University of Leuven, Belgium, before working as a senior consultant and IPR coordinator in the ‘Plant Biotech Valley’ of Ghent. She now lives in San Francisco where she liases between Stanford University and industry.

Dr Laurence Maurousset (AFRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1991-2) returned to Poitiers where she now holds a CNRS post at the University.

Prof. Andrew A. Meharg FRSE (AFRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1992-3) continues to pursue his interests in heavy metal toxicity in plants. He held the Professorship of Biogeochemistry at  the University of Aberdeen and moved to the University of Belfast in 2013.

Dr. Carla Minguet-Parramona (Barcelona-Glasgow EU Postgraduate Student, 2011-14; BBSRC postdoctoral associate, 2014-15) returned to Catalonia in 2015 and now works in the biotech industry, based in San Francisco.

Dr Gerhard Obermeyer (DFG Postdoctoral Fellow, 1991-2) moved to Salzburg where he Habilitated and now holds a Professorship at the University of Salzburg.

Dr Manuel Paneque (Bower and BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2002-2005) moved to Chile where he now holds a Professorship at the University of Chile.

Dr. Maria Papanatsiou completed her PhD with Profs. Anna Amtmann and Mike Blatt, and now works as a senior postdoctoral associate at Glasgow.

Dr Réjane Pratelli (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2001-4) moved to Stanford University and, in 2009, to Virginia with her partner.

Dr F. Javier Quintero (HFSP and ESFP Research Fellow, 1996-8) holds a permanent research post at the University of Seville.

Dr M. Rob. G. Roelfsema (EU Postdoctoral Associate, 1997-8) continues in research at the University of Wurzburg.

Dr. Haitham Sayed (CARA Fellow 2016-2018) obtained refugee status in the UK and moved to a research post at the University of Hertfordshire.

Dr Sergei Sokolovski (BBSRC and Leverhulme Postdoctoral Associate, 2000-2007) worked in Physics and Engineering at the University of Dundee and now holds a senior research fellowship in optoelectronics at the University of Aston in Birmingham.

Dr Jens-Uwe Sutter (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2000-2006) continues research in physics and material sciences at Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

Mr Matthew Tyrrell (University Postgraduate Student, 2001-2005) left science and now lives in Birmingham.

Dr Paola Vergani (BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 1995-9) moved to the Rockefeller University to work on CFTR regulation and is now a Lecturer at University College, London.

Dr. Yizhou Wang (CSC PhD Student and BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate, 2010-2016) moved to the Danforth Center, St. Louis, and now holds a permanent lectureship at Zheizhang University, Hangzhou.

Dr. Ben Zhang (CSC PhD Student and BBSRC Postdoctoral Associate (2011-2018) moved back to China to take up permanent academic post in the Biology Department of Shanxi University.