We continue to address specialist needs with the development of industrially robust software packages for electrophysiology, imaging, biometrics and systems biology. All our software is available to the academic community free of charge, and can be downloaded by following the relevant links on this page.


Henry’s EP Suite is a complete, self-contained package for electrophysiologists. This software can be used in multiple environments.

Plant Biometrics

In a collaborative project we have developed the EZ-Rhizo application, which allows for fast and accurate semi-automatic measurement of plants’ root system architecture.


OnGuard2 is a groundbreaking platform for interactive modelling of guard cell dynamics and solute transport with foliar stomatal conductance and whole-plant water relations


SDM-Assist is a stand-alone application which allows SDM primer design in just 3 clicks without the need for an internet connection and will work on almost any machine.